• Virtual Exam Room

    • Treat your patients online through our live video conferencing software with a web-based EMR and custom scheduling.

      Video conferencing software is secure, HIPAA compliant, and web-based - no installations needed for you or your patients.
      To schedule a visit, patients will:

      • Select appointment time.
      • Pay required fee by credit card.
      • Describe reason for visit.
      • Complete symptom questionnaire.
      • Write a message.
      • Record Video (Optional).
      This will give doctors a preface of patient's illness and concerns. Medical practices using will find more time slots opening up for their urgent cases as non-urgent cases are diverted to online patient care.

    • Treat your patients on your own time.

      The Video-Email visit is a combination of an email and video, containing the reason for the visit and symptom questionnaire for the patient to fill out based on their illness. It is remarkably easy to use and works with any web browser on any platform. Patients pay your rate up front, and can send video content of their condition and symptoms without having to sit in the exam room waiting for the doctor. There is no software to install and the entire operation runs through the support of the patient’s web browser.

    • Patients are seeking medical advice from the internet....
      Be their source for their questions and concerns.

      Secure messaging provides patients a way to access you with their questions and concerns and allows you to respond at your convenience. Conversations are stored in the patient and doctor portals for easy documentation and record keeping, enhancing the doctor-patient relationship. Set a rate for patients to pay if you so choose.

    • Use our integrated e-Prescription software to prescribe medication directly from your portal.

      Our software uses the industry's #1 e-prescribing platform, Rcopia. It provides comprehensive electronic prescribing capabilities including:

      • 60,000+ list of pharmacies across the country.
      • Prescription routing from SureScripts.
      • Allergy and drug review from First Databank Drug Database
      • Comprehensive drug information from Lexi-Comp.
      • Managed care formularies from Medi-media and Medicare Part D.
    • Specialty Remote Consult

      Specialty Remote Consults allow one doctor to connect with another doctor in real-time. Neighbors Telehealth is providing patients a direct connection to doctors for access to immediate care using today's technologies. This means a PCP can now consult with a Cardiologist remotely while the patient remains in the exam room. The care that spans the entire care continuum makes it more affordable, accessible and connected than ever before. Neighbors Telehealth believes that its telehealth initiatives will enhance the already advanced technological capabilities and align with our strategy to become the most technologically advanced telehealthcare system in the US.

    • Proprietary clinical questionnaires to facilitate evaluation and diagnosis.

      When requesting an online consult with the doctor, patients fill out their reason for visit and our proprietary symptom questionnaire. Our questionnaire is designed for every health related condition, and prompts the patient to select their symptom and answer specific yes/no questions related to that symptom. It's intent is to give you as much information as possible to assess your patients condition prior to speaking with them. In fact, they are the same questions you would ask if it were an in-office visit. You will find that this will facilitate the evaluation and assessment of your patient's condition.

      With the Private Label option, you can customize the Reason For Visit questions and Symptom questionnaire.

  • Patient Portal

    • The Personal Health Record is an electronic application that allows patients to create their own personal health record including; clinical history, lab results & x-rays, medications, and physician progress notes.
      Individuals can access it at any time, manage and share their personal health information:

      • Personal Information
      • Patient/Guardian Contact
      • Insurance Information
      • Clinical History
      • Lab results & X-rays
      • Medications
      • Allergy Information
      • Hospital Admission Information
      • Physician Contact Information
      • Vital Signs
      • Favorite Pharmacy/Laboratory/Imaging Centers
      • Health Diary for trackinng daily living

    • The Health dairy allows patients to track/document daily living issues including foods eaten, activity levels, vital signs etc. If a patient suffers a chronic illness they can keep track of appointments, test results etc. All this information is accessible by the doctor and the patient and can become a part of the ongoing patient treatment.

    • Patient Education information is provided by Medline Plus to help answer a patient’s health questions. Medline Plus brings together authoritative information from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and other government agencies and health-related organizations. These programs offer a wide range of topics, including diabetes, allergies, heart conditions, mental health, obesity, women's health, nutrition, etc. These programs have proven valuable in helping to educate patients about their conditions, medications, and make the appropriate use of medical resources through self-triage.

    • The application contains an interface of home medical equipment’s proprietary software to allow patients to conduct their diagnostic tests at home, and upload their results to their Personal Health Record. The intent and purpose is to enable patients to manage their health with the support of their doctor, who by overseeing changes in their clinical parameters, provides for rapid intervention, and keeping patients out of of the ER.

  • Doctor Portal

    • Receive patients prescription refill requests online, freeing up your phones. You may charge your patients a rate to submit a Rx Refill request.

    • Doctors will receive an email notification every time a patient submits an online request. Set-up a secondary email so your staff can help manage your online patient schedule.

    • Your patients’ clinical history is readily available to aid in diagnosis and treatment during an online visit. Our software can also be integrated with your EMR using the API.

    • We provide a billing component through to allow you to receive up front, out-of-pocket payments from your patients using credit cards.

    • At the completion of every online visit, automated documents are created for the doctor’s and patient’s record keeping. These include the CCR (discharge summary) and billing paperwork. If a lab or diagnostic test is ordered, a requisition form is created for the patient to bring into the office or your preferred lab. With the built-in forward feature, you can forward or receive patient's discharge summary (CCR).

    • Our software is integrated with CPT and ICD-10 coding to allow for seamless integration with your practice.

    • is a tool that allows you to set your own schedule and rates. Your schedule allows patients to send you an online video appointment at an available time. You may charge your own rate for the Video Chat Visit, Video Email visit, Ask A Doctor/Nurse, and Prescription Refill.

  • Customization

    • Our software is branded for your practice and seamlessly integrated into your existing website.

      • Customize with your own logo, text, and images.
      • Integrate with your EMR
      • Back-end solution residing in your own domain
      • Integration with home medical devices
      • Customize the Reason For Visit and Symptom Questionnaires
  • Marketing & Support

    • Every patient who registers through the Neighbors Telehealth portal has access to our Find a Doctor network. Patients seeking doctors who provide online care in their area can find you and view your profile. This marketing tool will allow you to attract new patients and market your online services.

    • We have many marketing solutions to help you promote your new Telemedicine program from marketing materials, templates, and printing.

    • Our team will give you and your office complete training on the software, policies and procedures, Telemedicine guidelines, patient work flow, and reimbursement guidelines.

    • You will be provided a policy and procedure manual based on the standards and criteria set forth by the American Telemedicine Association. Your office is given a private labeled copy and our team will assist in establishing additional policies and procedures specific to your office. This is everything the ATA needs to be submitted in an application to become an ATA credentialed organization.

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