Connected Medical Devices

  • Connected Devices

    A fully loaded portable health monitoring device that allows patients to self-conduct their vital signs from the comfort of their home. These medical devices can be purchased directly from select vendors. They are also available from DME(Medicare Certified Program).

    • Spot Check Monitor
    • Blood Pressure
    • Spirometer
    • Otoscope
    • Pedometer
    • ECG
    • Blood Glucose
    • Weight Scale

    Vital signs are measured, seamlessly uploaded to the portal, stored in the patient’s Personal Health Record to track pertinent health data, and easily shared with the doctor – allowing for continuous monitoring. “It has been estimated that medical monitoring will save the United States about $197 billion by preventing adverse effects of chronic disease over the next 25 years” (

     Connected Devices
    Spot Check
    Exam Light
    one touch glucose
    One Touch Glucose
    Blood Pressure Monitor
    Blood Pressure Monitor
    Weight Scale
    Weight Scale
  • Benefits

    • Chronic Care Management (CCM)
    • Continuous Health Management
    • Rapid Intervention
    • Reduce Re-admissions
    • Preventative Health
    • Improved Health Outcomes and Quality of Life
  • How It Works

    Spot Check Monitor (BP, Temperature, Pulse OX, EKG, Glucose)

    • Turn on the Spot Check Monitor and plug in the medical device that will be used.
    • The monitor will wirelessly connect with the computer. If the computer does not have Bluetooth capability, use the adapter included with the device.
    • Open the NeighborsTelehealth Vital Signs Application, and start your diagnostic test. The program will display readings and results on your computer in real time.
    • All results are automatically stored in the patient’s portal, accessible by their doctor at any time.

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