START YOUR ONLINE PRACTICE TODAY! is the next generation solution for doctors to improve the quality of patient care, enhance patient revenues and reduce operating costs by extending their practice beyond eight hours a day, five days/week - through the Internet. Our application is an Online-Medical-Portal that allows doctors to deliver patient care online for patients with non-urgent matters; Such as follow-up visits, remote patient monitoring, and reviewing test results. In the online portal you can send a video response to the patient, send a prescription to the pharmacy and document discussions in one easy step. All infomration is stored for future reference.

  • See more patients without extending your work hours.
  • Manage patients and prescriptions.
  • Make your online presence unique with customized options for logos, text, and images.
  • Create your own interactive online portal for your patients instantly.
  • Let your patients create their own profile and Personal Health Record (PHR) within your online portal.
  • The patient profile contains a complete history that gives providers a much stronger understanding of the patient and their healthcare needs.
  • Patients requesting online care complete a symptom-specific questionnaire, and personal video message.
  • Explore patient’s symptom questionnaire before initiating a discussion with the patient.
  • Provide care to your patients online using Online EMR that is easily integrated into any EMR.
  • Exchange text and video messages or video chat with your patients.
  • Get reimbursed using CPT codes (For Example, Codes: 99441 thru 99444; 99091; 99490; 99201 thru 99214).
  • Studies have found that patients who have a strong patient-physician relationship which revolves around the productive and efficient exchange of information, “live well” even with their chronic condition.
  • Sharing of clinical information improves medical decision-making, reduces medical errors, increases the quality of care, and reduces the cost of care by eliminating redundant testing, which in the long-run results in lower premiums.

Virtual Exam Room

Virtual exam room visits allow patients to conduct their own vital signs and as such are a natural complement to home health visits. Each visit on the Neighborstelehealth platform generates a complete continuity of care record (CCR) upholding the same principles as in-person care.

Live Voice and Video Conferencing

Reach out to patients and referring doctors with a single click, then track it all with detailed CCR reporting format. Share medical images without requiring transfer and remotely view and discuss them using cell phones. Leverage call center and triage roles to ensure the software fits in to your current clinical processes.

Store and Forward

Allow, store and forward text and video visits including referrals. Provide second opinion services with simple workflow tools to any part of the world. Enable visits at your convenience.

Auditing and Reporting

Provides key monitoring and reporting tools such as the Patient Health Dairy, CCR, and a Chronic Care Log to monitor business growth and success across service lines. All transactions and collaboration sessions are logged for auditing and compliance.

Reliability and Scalability

Cloud software is highly secure and is always available. Follows rigorous FDA Quality Systems regulations to ensure reliability and stability as well as HIPAA, FDA CFR Part 11 and Class 1 MDDS guidelines.

Private Label Medical Community

Medical Community is a new phenomenon in healthcare because the digital technology has created an explosion in the demand for patients seeking virtual care. The portal is accessible to all, easy to navigate and able to interact with doctors in meaningful ways.


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